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 Do we need to know a success story to believe that dreams and goals are met? For many people talking about goals remains only in dreams and in truth, it seems impossible to achieve.

5 Business ideas with little investmentSometimes this is something that we believe impossible and that it seems that only some people can comply when in fact, we all have the possibility of doing it and all we need is a decision and also, support to do it. Even, it seems that we are the only ones who can not achieve it and that is completely unfair. But, do you want to meet someone who has already done it? At Credifiel we support you in many ways.

What happens when the children know the economic problems that the family is going through? What is the best answer you could expect? Even when family problems are solved in the same way, as a family, sometimes we do not expect children to make decisions that do not correspond to their age, much less truncate their future dreams. This is probably one of the biggest fears that mothers have when their children are teenagers.

Jacinta knows that living with teenagers is not easy, much less if there are two of them. In addition to working long hours within a government agency, she must also take care of her children because she is a single mother. As we know, this is not only to provide them with a school education but also to enable them to grow with a good example. Being a single mother includes forming a home, meeting all the needs that this entails and that also age asks them to fulfill.

Their children, Jonathan and Gerardo are still very young. Jonathan is only 14 years old and Gerardo is about to turn 17 in the coming months. When they were younger, the relationship they had with both of them was always very fruitful and they could spend many hours together. They liked to go to the park and lie down on the grass to see the clouds until they found a shape while talking about everything they were going to be when they were big, this was one of their favorite hobbies, however, now that they are bigger and the time has passed, some of those things have also changed.

Jonathan, the youngest son, is a little reluctant to the economic situation in which they currently live because he also remembers that in previous years his life was not so limited. Gerardo, being the elder brother, feels a great responsibility not only to care for and guide his brother but also to help his mother in the economic and household responsibilities that may arise sporadically.

Tired of seeing his mother arrive in extreme fatigue from working every day for long days of work and also knowing that his salary still is not enough, he had to make a strong decision. While she was studying the second year of high school, she decided that she would leave school to help her mother and make financial contributions to the house to cover all the needs that she had with her brother.

Although this seemed a decision taken without an argument, Gerardo had sought advice at the school to know how long it is that he could get away from the studies without problems so that, later, he had no conflict at the time of wanting to rejoin to the institution. After knowing this information, she decided that she would not comment anything to her mother, at least not for the moment, because she knew that if she did so she would interpose and not let him work.

This is how he decided to look for a part-time job which could cover the hours he apparently was in school. After obtaining the payment of his first month in the cafeteria where he was able to enter, he made a letter to his mother where he also included the money that until that moment he had. One day in the afternoon when Jacinta came home, she discovered the envelope on top of her desk and when she read the sheet that was inside, she had a great conflict of emotions because on the one hand she felt joy knowing the act that her son was doing but he also knew that one of his biggest dreams was for his children to study a university career and with this, that goal seemed a bit far away.

After talking that same night, Gerardo explained to his mother that he would work to help her for a few months and that, too, his plan was to continue studying and start the next school year. Jacinta, although she was excited to know how Gerardo had reacted to solve the problem, she flatly refused to let him leave school, even just for a few months.

In this way it was like, of forced from, Gerardo had to return to the cafeteria only to resign because his mother asked him to please resume his studies as soon as possible so he also had to go to school to talk with his teachers and justify the faults of that month. Gerardo was very sad because the only thing he wanted to do was help his mother and the expenses of the house. Jacinta told her that she would see how to get more money and that after thinking about it a lot, she had decided to apply for a loan.

That was how he got to know Credifiel one day that inside the office he was reviewing his social networks. Thanks to the publication of one of her friends were that she managed to get to your website to know the credit options via payroll that could offer. He also learned that at loans are only designed for his needs.

When he contacted a financial adviser, he felt great confidence and although they did not know each other, they managed to create an empathetic relationship that also assured him that initiating the process of his credit at that moment would be the best option.